About Us

About Us

UNICORNS IN TECH is an international tech community for LGBTI and straight allies. It is the ideal place for anyone who is interested in technologies and tech science, whether he/she/they is an industry professional or a casual enthusiast. We are 2,500+ members (as of June 2017) in Germany and beyond and we are growing rapidly. Among us there are computer scientists, software engineers, data analysts, graphic designers, digital artists, gamers, chemists, physicists, hackers, hardware specialists, engineers, social media specialists, bloggers, journalists, innovators, students, startuppers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, the creative types, the nerdy types, everyone with technology and science related interests.

UNICORNS IN TECH are community-led initiatives for queer tech communities around the world. The administrative and financial center of this network is based in Berlin, however the network activities take place beyond Berlin and Germany.

UNICORNS IN TECH started as a network of queer people and straight allies in tech on June 28, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Just in 2 years it grew beyond Berlin and Germany. Now we plan various activities throughout the world.

UNICORNS IN TECH was established by Uhlala GmbH, which serves as an administrative and financial center of the network.

  • To become a platform for joint projects amongst queer communities from different backgrounds and countries
  • To become a closely connected global network of LGBTI people and straight allies in tech and science with regular Get-Togethers and other activities around the world
  • To become the most visible queer conference in tech and science in the world
  • To launch global queer tech scholarship for students
  • To launch global queer tech award
  • To launch a diversity discount programme for tech and science events in certain cities
  • To raise awareness about discrimination against queer people at workplaces and businesses on global level


Stuart Cameron , CEO and co-founder of Uhlala GmbH, was at the origins of the network and has an overarching coordinating role
Migle Maciunaite is the project manager of UNICORNS IN TECH. She ensures that all Unicorns business goes smoothly


Systematically connect and bring together LGBTI and allies in tech

Systematically raise awareness, bring visibility of LGBTI people in tech


Popularise tech and science amongst LGBTI and attract more young LGBTI into tech and science


Educate to end prejudices and discrimination against queers in tech

Encourage LGBTI in tech to share, inspire, empower and learn from each other.


Create fun and safe spaces to enjoy time together!



“Unicorns in Tech should become a network that connects tech-enthusiastic gays, lesbians and straights so they can exchange and commend one other. Networking is the greatest importance for entrepreneurs.”


“I’m interested in the content, that’s what I want to exchange about. It’s about Tech themes. The term Unicorns doesn’t equate “gay” but it is about uniqueness of the individual. It’s even a post-gender term. Everyone is welcome.”


Monthly Get-Togethers hosted by various companies in different cities across the world with the goal to network and to learn about new tech developments and trends. Around 100 people show up usually at Get-Togethers. UNICORNS IN TECH also organises a number of other events that bring together diverse tech communities and make them more visible and empowered. Interested to become our host? Send a short email to hello |at| unicornsintech.com

What I went for (and found): it’s a really comfortable overlap of professional and personal life. I love that it’s so relaxed and a presenter can talk about their pitch and half-joke about being single in the same sentence 😛 Everyone there is from the same queer community and we understand each other 🙂 Happy surprises: I really liked the speed networking thing. Everyone is really bubbly and conversation-ready, but it’s nice to have that little push to say “hi” and get chatting. Also, thank you for feeding us!

Get-Together is “meeting new people, seeing professionals talk about interesting topics and learning from them (and everyone) through presentations, discussions and hearing opinions”

Get-Together is “the cool unicorns, the insight into different environments and the possibility to learn interesting stuff.”

Get-Together participants from anonymous feedback forms

Annual #UNIT | The International LGBTI Tech Summit is the biggest event of the network. It is unique and entertaining conference/festival with a lot of networking possibilities in a very laid-back, positive atmosphere without suits and formalities. This is a conference with inspiring talks, music, arts, encounters, performances, and installations.

#UNIT brings 1000+ diverse LGBTI tech experts, innovators, scientists, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs from East and West, North and South, from high-profile speakers and established authorities to emerging talents. They all come to Berlin to explore cutting-edge technologies and innovative developments, to network and share ideas, to discover alternative voices and unknown but remarkable tech and science projects from around the world, and to create a space for mutual learning, inspiring and empowering.

#UNIT is a place where proud companies hire promising talents and establish long-term and trustful international partnerships. 50+ passionate, mind-blowing speakers from high-profile and established authorities to grass-root emerging talents will also talk at #UNIT. Are you interested to become a sponsor, a moderator, a speaker or a volunteer at #UNIT? Fill in this form here and we will be in touch with you very soon!

Our members are core of the network. Our ultimate goal is to put as many diverse people as possible in contact with each other. We believe that cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking innovations begin, where there is a space for diverse voices, viewpoints and approaches. We encourage meaningful participation and engagement of our communities both online and offline. Networking is a core component of every our event.

Inspiration and mentorship is another fundamental part of every event, organised by us. We want our communities to share and to learn from each other. We want them to take action and to empower each other.

For #UNITs and Get-Togethers we try to find speakers, who can inspire people and empower them for next steps. One of the events that was successful in developing mentorship was Accelerate LGBTI with Google Berlin. More info here.