Miganoush Magarian announced as speaker for our next Get-Together!

Miganoush Magarian announced as speaker for our next Get-Together!

We are very excited to finally announce our first speaker for our upcoming UNICORNS IN TECH Get-Together hosted by SAP. Miganoush Magarian will be talking about her TeachSurfing project.

Miganoush Magarian studied Bachelor‘s degree in Software Engineering in Iran and Master’s degree in IT in Stockholm, Sweden. She worked as software designer in Ericsson. In 2012, she joined SAP Innovation Center in Germany where she gain hands-on experience in innovative prototyping, software development, and project/product management.

In 2013, she attended to One Young World summit. Each year, One Young World brings 1300 young leaders from 190 countries together and inspire them to initiate social and sustainable projects within their countries, universities and companies.

Inspired from the summit Migan co-created TeachSurfing.org project within SAP. TeachSurfing is a free global network which connects people with knowledge-sharing opportunities in their home or travel destinations. The platform is launched for less than half a year ago and we already have a network of more than 650 TeachSurfers from 91 countries.

In her presentation, she will present TeachSurfing concept and community: How Mito ran a Design Thinking workshop for a university community when traveling to Serbia. How Gretta, will teach about robotics in a local school when she visits her family in Romania. And how YOU can join TeachSurfing and share your knowledge in your neighborhood or travel destination.

Moreover, she will explain how the TeachSurfing idea was born and turned into a live project within SAP using SAP resources and technology. And how YOU can also use your and your organizations, universities, companies expertise to drive social innovative projects.
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