The UNICORNS are killing it!


UNICORNS IN TECH Get-Togethers are a huge success. The first events have been hosted mostly in Berlin, Germany, but now we are becoming international! At every Get-Together we have around 100 attendees from a range of backgrounds, who show up to hear our speakers, get updates about tech developments, engage with each other and to have a fun evening.

‘The best thing about the UNICORNS IN TECH Get-Together is how it broke down barriers. At most social meet-up events there’s always a barrier between the speakers and attendees or amongst the attendees themselves. At this Get-together, everyone was approachable and open. I learnt new things and met new people’
-from a Get-Together visitor

‘The UNICORNS IN TECH Get-Together was a huge milestone for SoundCloud; we brought in speakers and incredible people with insight into how to foster a space that encourages a radical and diverse community.’
-from our SoundCloud host



Annual Unit | Connecting Unicorns: The Global Queer Tech & Science Conference, which is the biggest event of the network that brings people from East and West, North and South, from high-profile speakers and established authorities to emerging talents, to learn about cutting-edge technologies and developments, to network and discuss how we can approach and eliminate discrimination and persecution against LGBTIQ using technologies, to discover alternative voices and unknown but remarkable tech and science projects from around the world and to create a space for mutual learning, inspiring and empowering.


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